Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Audi A1 Sportback – The Best Luxury Car

Each one of us loves long drives on those smooth, satiny roads with our loved ones. Journeying through those lovely mountains, watching lovely sights and having the time of life just sounds perfect to make anyone’s day. Cars have that unique way of wooing us and captivating our attention just as we see a swanky car whooshing past us. The newly launched Audi A1sportback is an epitome of class, luxury and comfort. It was named the best luxury car of 2012 for its excellent design and class apart features.

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By getting in touch with new car dealers, you are in for an excellent surprise for yourself as they will advice you and recommend you on how to go about the process of buying your dream car. This amazing car’s best quality lies not only in its sleek looks but in its excellent performance too. Its impeccable model and build quality makes it stand apart from the rest. It is a five door car with a best control system. It features a spacious trunk to keep all your stuff and belongings with ease with an infotainment system installed perfectly to give a pleasurable ride while you listen to your favourite music. You have a liberty to choose two sets of engines, three TFSI gasoline engine or three TDI diesel engines. Our skilled new car dealers ensure that you get quality accessories installed in your dream vehicle that do not lead to any sort of disappointment later. There is an added facility of blue tooth too and the car can be easily connected to the internet. The light and calm interior with comfy seats and fresh colors reflects your style as you can even get it customized as per your likings.

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