Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Audi A1 Sportback – The Best Luxury Car

Each one of us loves long drives on those smooth, satiny roads with our loved ones. Journeying through those lovely mountains, watching lovely sights and having the time of life just sounds perfect to make anyone’s day. Cars have that unique way of wooing us and captivating our attention just as we see a swanky car whooshing past us. The newly launched Audi A1sportback is an epitome of class, luxury and comfort. It was named the best luxury car of 2012 for its excellent design and class apart features.

We at UK car brokers are willing to serve you and ease your task of buying your favorite car by introducing you to the best dealers in the market. Now, instead of wandering streets and closely inspecting each and every car showroom, just sit comfortably in your home and visit our webpage and enjoy the best deals and offers on Audi A1 Sportback.

We offer cheap cars at handsome discounts thereby making your purchasing experience simple and better. Our hard work and determination has won the trust of our customers making us the leaders in the market. Customer satisfaction is our real motive and our immediate aim to satiate their needs and requirement.

By getting in touch with new car dealers, you are in for an excellent surprise for yourself as they will advice you and recommend you on how to go about the process of buying your dream car. This amazing car’s best quality lies not only in its sleek looks but in its excellent performance too. Its impeccable model and build quality makes it stand apart from the rest. It is a five door car with a best control system. It features a spacious trunk to keep all your stuff and belongings with ease with an infotainment system installed perfectly to give a pleasurable ride while you listen to your favourite music. You have a liberty to choose two sets of engines, three TFSI gasoline engine or three TDI diesel engines. Our skilled new car dealers ensure that you get quality accessories installed in your dream vehicle that do not lead to any sort of disappointment later. There is an added facility of blue tooth too and the car can be easily connected to the internet. The light and calm interior with comfy seats and fresh colors reflects your style as you can even get it customized as per your likings.

So, don’t wait anymore. Visit us and get your dream fulfilled in a jiffy right in the comfortable home sweet home without having to go anywhere.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Buy Your Cars Through New Car Broker

Leasing a new vehicle is the best idea of taking a break from the dull pattern of driving ultimately having an altogether fresh experience with the advanced features it comes installed with. And before you can actually lay your hands on the new car, it is recommended to seek new car broker’ advice. There are hundreds of car showrooms and the traditional way of buying automobile will stay forever with the dealers understanding the buyer’s needs pretty well and with the ready -to -serve -you attitude, they are willing to provide you best deals.

There are several car brokers offering the best deals on new cars with quality service you will not regret ever. The new car brokers provide you with the necessary information on new cars and services that matches your desired requirements well. Internet plays a significant role in our lives these days. It has indeed become a necessity and with its increasing use, cars that were earlier and still are in showrooms can now be easily purchased or leased with just a single click. So visit the websites and avail the best offers and deals on your new car with the help of new car broker. The brokers are better negotiators, well-experienced and help you choose the best quality car for you. And once you get in touch with them, it just saves your time as well as money.

Managing car purchasing was never been this easier before and the online companies that offer such service ensure that their skilled new car brokers with their fine expertise and knowledge serve you in the best possible manner. Researching every showroom, looking into the nitty -gritty personally and inspecting each and every model can become a daunting task and more of a laborious work but with the judicious advice of car brokers you can rest assured that your task is made just easier and smooth. Right from the color, design to auto parts, they suggest you the best ideas for buying a new car. And it is indeed a time saving process, helping you concentrate on other important daily chores.

Several companies offer exchange service of your auto parts and get it replaced with new. They understand your needs and problems well and their crew is determined to guide you from the beginning till the end. The instant cash for cars service is also one to look out for if you fall short of money at the last moment. So, come and avail the best offers on expert recommendation of car brokers.

Friday, November 2, 2012

UK Cars Combine Comfort And Luxury Together

We want to start this blog with our gratitude for everyone who have made us what we are today. UK Car Broker is a family run business. We laid our foundation in 2002 and our 10 year peregrinations in the industry have brought to us the appellation of best in the industry, granted by the profound commitment and love of our munificent consumers.

We offer UK Cars at best prices in the market. Our founders  Kevin and Nicky Overton have huge passion for speed and adventure. They are enthusiastic and gregarious. Kevin Overton has lend his services to the motor trade for nineteen years. We are cocky and we smug because he has also been associated with Toyota UK (Burnaston factory). He has also served various dealerships in Derby and Nottingham. He has also explored the car supermarket for a period of five years with the profile of car sales man.

Please don't take it as a piece of self adulation but we feel supercilious because we exhibit more than 4000 UK Cars on our website. We have always been inspired by the philosophy of giving something constructive to the society and by introducing cheap automobiles we hanker to infuse thrill, luxury and comfort to the life of common man. We endeavor to  win the trust and faith of our worthy and benevolent consumers, and we foster the values of honesty and perseverance in our crew.

 Kevin and Nicky Overton are pragmatic and quixotic, and they put human values at the vertex of everything. They propound a work culture based on camaraderie among the employees. The crew is always polite to the clients who show their interest in our UK Cars, and guides them through the process from start to the end. We are very well cognizant about the problems that arise while purchasing an automotive. One can be bamboozled by rapacious folks, there can be deferment in the loan from the bank and somebody might back off at the last moment.

In the urban jungle what makes life easy and comfortable is not an ice cream parlor at every corner and not a fast food hub at the second floor of every office. It is the performance oriented automotive that saves your life making you not only safe on road but giving you ample of time to spend with your family. Given the relevance of vehicles in modern world something futuristic had to evolve to simplify things that would be both futuristic and pragmatic, and our UK cars is the one complete answer to all neoteric concerns.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Attention! Procure New Cars With Contract Hire Plan

new car
Today, the vehicle is not only a means of transportation but it has evolved itself as a medium to conjoin societies, cultures and families. This revolution in the world of auto mobiles was not only anticipated but essential. Today, there are many renowned and well- known online car brokers who are proffering best automobiles at very modest prices and have simplified things better than before.
With the experience of many years in the motor trade, car brokers offer best in terms of quality and price. Procuring new cars can be both intimidating and there are imminent perils entangled. One can always get duped and hoodwinked any time. The services offered by these brokers are not only safe but also inspire suffice heedlessness.
These online car brokers place their customers at utmost value. They imbibe a strong customer centric approach. Though cicerone is not the right word but each client is properly guided by the crew from the initial step to the last step while buying. Their websites are also user friendly and very facile.
These online brokers offer momentous programs such as Contract Hire plan. Under this plan, the potential buyer is permitted to use the new cars for a period of 12-14 months. The VAT for a commercial vehicle is usually 100%, encompassed in the money paid to the broker. The VAT of the car is 50%. The whole process is not at all intricate and involves no convulsions at all. One is only required to pay rent on monthly basis. One needs to provide surety to the broker that the vehicle would be properly maintained and one is also not granted with the liberty to take the vehicle beyond the specified mileage mentioned in the contract form. The disadvantage of not adhering to the contract for acquiring new cars under contract hire plan is that one will have to go under the strict scrutiny of the finance company, which can impose heavy penalty on the customer.
The good thing about these online brokers is that one can take a sigh of relief as one will not have to do the daunting task of darting for the right vehicle amid scorching heat or frigid cold. One can ensconce in the comfort of his or her home and select the desired car or vehicle from the web page of the brokers in a jiffy. One can also browse through the comprehensive list of features that are also displayed along with the graphics and prices of new cars.
These online brokers have spent their life in the trade, and they know every harsh reality of it. Buying a novel vehicle can turn into an ordeal when one gets ditched on the eleventh hour or one does not receive suffice cash from the bank or due to some other deferments and procrastinations? Though all vehicles with these online brokers are frugal, one can also avail instant cash to attain one's favorite vehicle from these brokers. These online websites provide myriad range of finance packages to choose from, to suit every pocket.
Procuring new cars was not a cake walk years back but with the advent of many solvent online brokers it’s like shopping for some home appliance.

Monday, September 5, 2011

New Cars

Thinking about getting a new car? Well purchasing a new car for fulfilling your long time dream was not so easy before this revolutionary era of online brokering came in. Remember going to various showrooms round the city, finding the most appropriate new car deal for yourself, trying to manage loans for your new car and so on. Gone are those days, in today’s world if you want to buy a new car then, there are various online brokering websites you can refer to who will get you the best affordable deal, also the banks are ready to provide loans very easily that are payable in a few effortless installments bringing your dream car within your reach.

In this age of advanced automobile technology, cars are being designed keeping in mind all the urban criteria, whether it’s the smart design, its utility or its fuel efficiency, one can find them all in a single car. Not only these basic needs have been taken care of but other high tech features the cars are equipped with are skid-control system, Telescoping steering wheel, GPS navigation system, Side airbags, Roadside assistance and some quaky music system to get you in the groove. Before going for a new car one should keep a few tips in mind, go for a lavish interior for your lovely car but don’t ignore the engine. One should check for the engine too as it is the most important part of the car, same as the heart is to humans. For fuels, again many options are available; one may get a single fuel car or can go for a dual fuel car.

Although many automakers and local dealerships tout discounts and low-interest rates on a new car purchase, yet none can assure you the finest new car deals other than the car brokers. One of the various sites in the league is UK Car Broker who brings comprehensive information online on popular cars that will surely lure your sight. It is one of the most interesting resources to obtain current update about the latest cars being launch in the market and the best deals to buy them. UK Car Broker practice brokering all over UK with their well trained brokers who conduct a full detailed research to find out the finest new car at a great new car price as compared to local dealer.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz has confirmed that the manufacturer enjoyed its best ever New Car sales results for the month of June.

The German carmaker Mercedes has announced worldwide sales of 120,510 passenger cars were delivered to customers last month.

This represents a rise of 6.4 per cent compared to the same month in 2010, when a high sales volume was recorded.

Dr Joachim Schmidt, Executive Vice-President Sales and Marketing Mercedes-Benz Cars, commented: "The first half of the year went very well for Mercedes-Benz.

"We achieved double-digit increases in many markets, our products are in demand, and we succeeded in setting a new record."

"In the second half of 2011," he explained, "we want to achieve further growth compared to last year."

Mercedes-Benz has claimed that new Mercedes-Benz C-Class generation and the new M-Class will help drive this positive development.

Monday, June 27, 2011

INSTOCK Hyundai Santa Fe

UK Car Broker have managed to use their bargaining power to secure a supply of new Hyundai Santa Fe Premium 5 Seaters. Like many new 4x4's normally there is a lengthy lead time for these, however we can supply one in any colour of your choice within 3-4 weeks.

The New Hyundai Santa Fe is one of the best value and most respected of all the 'proper' 4x4s at the moment. They are practical enough to tow 2500kg but are still nimble enough to park in town and have a great secure feel on the motorway.

Our particular stock is the Premium version, which includes Leather, Auto Lights and Wipers and 18'' Alloy Wheels, plus loads more.

The price of £21,500 represents a significant saving over the RRP, and includes 12 Months Road Tax and delivery to most parts of the uk.

These are also being offered on our sister website , so if you are interested give us a call on 01283 736254.